Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Rhode Island Visit, part 1

The boys and I have returned from a great visit out to Rhode Island. Lucas, my father-in-law, and my dad went to Colorado on a camping trip and while they were gone I stayed with my Mom in Providence. Lea stayed most of the week there, too and Ryan joined us on the weekend.  Kelly, Ruby, and Ben stayed for a long weekend as well.  Aside from the stresses of traveling alone with the boys and getting sick over the weekend, we had a wonderful time.

They very much enjoyed the plane rides.  It took us two flights to get there and two back home.  In total, we managed to take 4 trips to the airplane bathroom where all three of us crammed inside at the same time.  My eyelid just started twitching thinking about it.

They were SO adorable striding thru the airport pulling their little luggage behind them.  They got lots of comments regarding their cuteness from fellow travelers.

We had three outings to the beach while out there.  In preparation, Nana took them shopping for digging toys,

Upon arriving, Levi immediately set to working. 

My little cool dude.

Setting a boat afloat.

The large blue shovel was a fan favorite.

One morning we all got to go to Amgen, where my parents work.  Mom was eager to show off her grandkids.  They obliged and were super cute and charming.  Levi especially was eager to talk to everyone he was introduced to.  He made sure they all knew that he was 4 and a half.  He introduced the other kids.  He told them about his shovels and he also demonstrated his push-up abilities.

Mom treated us to yummy New England foods.  I estimate that I ate roughly my weight in steamed clams.  Milo enjoyed the italian cuisine. 

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