Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Guys Camping Trip

While Amber took off with the boys to the east coast for some fun I headed the opposite direction to spend some time in Colorado backpacking.  I had a lot of fun but we ended up having the cut the trip a little short due to some extreme weather conditions.
This is an example of how a real life memory seems so much better than how the picture turned out.  Not sure what I was trying exactly to capture here other than we hiked up above the Aspens.

Here we were looking back down at the valley and felt like we had traveled forever and a day but in reality had only gone about 3 miles.  I suppose when those 3 miles are a hard earned 3 miles your perspective changes slightly.

We were nearly blown off the mountain the first night with 70 mph winds.  We decided to retreat and recover in a local inn.  here is the view from just outside our room.

After spending the night in the inn we decided to try again and hike up to Commanche lake and camp there.  We met someone on the trail who was pretty impressed with our plans to stay the night.  When we got to camp and saw the snow everywhere we understood why he thought we were so tough.

I suppose nature provided the refridgerator right in the camp..  maybe I should have brought milk and cheese...at least they wouldn't spoil.

here is my dad and my father in law searching out the best spot to stand in the sun.  I don't know what they were thinking at this exact moment but it was likely something similar to "brrr that wind is cold and strong and I am tired from not sleeping too well and having exercised constently today" and "this trip will be better at the end of July".

In the morning our water that was left out had frozen making us take a little longer to get hot water for the oatmeal.

that's me so this if photo proof I was there and am not making all this up :)

We hung our bear bag each night for protection of our trash and food.  I wasn't worried about the bears near as much as the chipmunks or squirrels.  Although the trip was cut short it was still a great time and I really enjoyed it.

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