Sunday, June 24, 2012

Go T-Bones

Friday night we met up with Gran and Grandpa along with some lovely people from their church and took in a T-Bones game. The weather was perfect and the game was something Levi had been eagerly anticipating all week.
Milo was trying to suck down as much cherry lemonade as he could before being asked to share it with Levi and his Daddy.  No time to smile for the camera- must drink quickly!

Prepared for foul balls.  The game started right at his bedtime and he was pretty sleepy from the get go.  We drove two vehicles and I took Milo home midway through to go to bed.

During the ceremonial opening pitch the crew was spraying down the infield.  Care to guess which activity was more enthralling to my eldest boy?  Last week he talked me into buying him two nozzles for our garden hose and he's been playing with them all week long.

We wanted to treat the kids and bought them a bag of cotton candy.  Levi eagerly dug in but Milo was very confused as to what this strange substance was.  He was very resistant to trying it.  I urged him on saying, "It's very yummy!".  Instead of tasting it he just offered me some.

He listened intently while his Daddy explained that it was very good and you were supposed to eat it.  When Lucas tried a few times to put some in Milo's mouth he turned his head away.  No way!

Marji and I got quite a laugh out of watching him.

He did finally try some.

Verdict: unimpressed with cotton candy. 

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