Friday, June 01, 2012

May Catch-up

We spent Mother's Day weekend at Mom and Dad Dickson's house. We appreciated their hosting and getting to be with so much family. Corrine came up with Kosse, Symphony, and Xara. Aundrea and Chuck were there, too, with Alison, Amelia, and furry Flurry.


Amelia was dedicated during Sunday morning service.

I challenge you to create a cuter pile of kids!

Kosse is such a cheerful, adorable baby!

Grandma D. gave lots of snuggles and cooked for us all on Sunday.

The kids got to ride on the carousel.

How he napped during the din going on I'm not sure.

Amelia is a little doll, just adorable.

Sandy fun.

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wedding-time said...

the little baby boy is s cute :)