Tuesday, January 03, 2012


After their breakfast the boys got down to work on their nail boards. Levi had removed, with his Grandpa's pry bar,  most of the nails he had already pounded in.  Once they were out the boys were ready to replace them.

Having taken care of the boys thru their breakfast, I sat down to mine: oatmeal, tea, and sudoku.

"hot!" he says while gesturing to my cuppa.

I got smart and gave him brad nails to work with- the smaller nails take more time and effort to hold and maneuver.  It's a lot less noisy when he pounds on them as well.  Also, you should see how satisfied he looks when he drives it all the way in.

yep, this about sums things up.

Later, in an area of the house that has actual flooring, Levi very proudly built a garage for his construction equipment.

I found a big set of construction toys on an after-Christmas sale.  My intention was to set it aside for use at a later date but I couldnt resist giving it to them right away.  I think that is Luke's influence on me!

off to work we go.

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