Thursday, January 19, 2012


These pictures are from last Sunday and the rest of our visit with Lea and Ryan.  It was fun to be togethe but we all were sad that Mom and Dad weren't there.  They were to have come as well but an unforeseen work crisis that jumped up at the last moment in the form of a surprise FDA audit derailed their plans.  Hopefully they will reschedule soon.

Here's Ben showing Levi how he waters his ant farm. These two are great buds.

Ruby tending to Annabelle's hair. 

Though Mom and Dad weren't here with us they sponsored some of the weekend's activities- like new clothes for everyone from an H&M shopping spree.  Here Milo looks smashing in his new cardigan.  It's got elbow patches.  Elbow patches!  On a toddler's jersey cardigan.  Awesome.

Cute boy!

Another one!

And another one!!
They were doing their best impressions of springs shouting, "Bounce!  Bounce! Bounce!"

Joel, the fun Dad that he is, stealthily climbed through one of the tubes to surprise the boys.

As soon as Ben saw that he went around to the back and started to climb in as well.  Problem: Joel is a wee bit too big for these kinds of shananigans. 

I was worried we'd have to get out the scissors but Ben perservered and climbed out the front which was his plan all along.
Playing games on their iPad.

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