Monday, January 09, 2012

Baby Celebrations

We spent most of this weekend up at Lynn and Marji's celebrating babies. On Saturday there was a shower for our little niece, Amelia, who will be joining the family any day now. On Sunday, nephew Kosse was dedicated and there was a little meet-and-greet for him in the afternoon.

Cuddling with Gran and Grandpa.  Milo was so still and quiet for the longest time.  Not a common occurence!

Pinterest was a great resource for the party.  Marji and Corrine rounded up some really fun ideas.

Like this punch, for instance. 

Levi is really into doing push-ups lately.  He will randomly drop to the ground and get at them. 

Kosse cuddling up to Aundrea's baby bump.

Somebody is proud to be holding the baby.

I'm so glad he's had this time to bond with the Kosse.

Now of course if Levi does something Milo must have equal opportunity.  The baby looks to be in a precarious position here but I promise, Corrine was holding up his head.

Before meal time, praying.  I get such a kick out of the sweet way Milo folds his hands.  Also, take note that Marji put a special table cloth and battery operated candle at the kids table.  I'm hoping this will cancel out all the meals they've eaten at our house next to piles of lumber.

All dressed up in his baby finest.

I don't think there could be a prouder grandfather.

He looks a lot bigger than when we first laid eyes on him 2 weeks ago.

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