Thursday, January 19, 2012

Boston Visitors

Friday evening we got to finally have our Christmas present exchange with Lea and Ryan. They were quite generous and thoughtful in their gifts.

Here's Ben embracing his stuffed shark.  Ben loves sharks.

Auntie Lea had written all of the kids a letter and asked what they wanted for Christmas.  Levi's immediate response was, "a shovel."  When I passed on the information to Lea, she asked me to elaborate about what kind of shovel.  I didn't have the answer for her. 

As it turns out, this was the very shovel Levi had been admiring at Home Depot while on trips there with his Daddy.  Lea and Ryan shlepped this shovel all the way from Boston and Levi did not let go of it the entire night.  The next morning he went outside to shovel things. 

The next day we went to Science City.  It was the first trip there for our boys.  They loved it. 

They tried to get this helicopter off the ground.  No one could find the ignition.
Uncle Joel demonstrated one of Newton's law on this 'gravity bike.'  We were all impressed with his bravery and amused by his feigning of fear.
Electricity!  Yes.

Milo didn't partake much in the peewee golfing but he sure did love carrying around the club.
There was an area for digging for dinosaur bones.  They were giving very serious looking goggles and really wimpy shovels.  Levi was wishing he had his new one.

They had fun and I loved watching them work in those goggles.  Very amusing.

Mr. Crankypants here is expressing that he is quite sure it's his turn to now use the magnet.

We went out for lunch and later all came back to our place for dinner.  We put the kids in bed and the grown-ups played games for awhile.

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