Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Dusty, Fun, and sometimes Blurry Day

This week we've had several contractors working at the house.  Of course, the boys have been enjoying that immensely.  It's made for topsy turvey days with lots of dust BUT lots of progress.  Yay!
snack time on a bench, wait, that's a ceiling fan box.  Potato, potahto.

A hug so fast it could not be captured without blur.

Here they are both pretending to be puppies.  They alternated barking with eating their snack, sans hands, out of the bowls.

The dust!  oh, the dust!  The electricians have been drilling holes in the kitchen ceiling.  Lots of dust.  Milo is retrieving a ball that went down the heating vent.  Yep, we're living here.

Today the installers came to put in our new front door.  The boys, of course, wanted to get right up in their business.  I put a stripe of blue painters tape on the floor and told them they could NOT cross the blue line.  Here Levi has his foot up off the ground passing into the air space over the blue line.  Test boundaries much?

My helpers in the laundry room with me.  Levi is wearing my tank top as (in his words) "those things girls wear at weddings" (a veil, I presume) and Milo is wearing his brother's underpants as a (in his words) hhhaaaaatttt"  Both of them did this spontaneously.  I promise you, I do not model this kind of behavior to them.

Blurry, yet adorable nonetheless.

Hugs.  Could I be any more blessed??

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