Thursday, August 11, 2011

Water Wars

Papa and the grandkids engaged in water warfare.

Levi ate it up.

They were emptying and reloading their water guns as fast as they could.

AAH!  Papa got close enough to release the 'doomsday bomb'!

Milo was uninterested in the splashing.  He happily toddled around the patio looking thru his special bag that Auntie Lea made for him.

Ruby and Levi ventured out beyond their fort.

Here's the bag Lea made for Levi.  That's a scooter she painted on the front.  She also decorated it with lots of 'L's- his very favorite letter.  It was filled with all kinds of goodies.

Get 'im!  Spash 'im!

Whoa, I'm on your side, buddy. Don't shoot the photographer.

Wait a second...is that just a raft floating closer or something more serious??

It was a manned spy submarine! 

They could not have enjoyed the pool more.


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