Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Wedding Coverage

Good shot of Lea and Ryan's Mom.

Love this one the best, tho.  Both are giggling and bare-footed.

I loved my flowers.  Levi kept picking clover from the lawn of the church and would proudly bring it to me.  He was expecting me to add it to my bouquet.  Can you see one sticking up in the center?  I'm not sure why the florist didn't think to add it.

Enjoying roaming and a little freedom while all the adults were distracted.

Nothing left to do but wait for a few minutes until the ceremony starts.

Lea and some old friends.

The girls all went upstairs to a small room at the back of the sanctuary to wait as the guests were seated.  I feel the same excited butterflies in my stomach just looking at this picture as I did that day.

She was excited and relaxed.  Let's do this thing!

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