Monday, August 22, 2011

Family Reunion

The Dickson clan gathered last weekend for the annual reunion.  We had beautiful weather and lots of good food and company.

Levi was invited to a tea party with the little girls.  He was curious about the place settings (beautiful pieces from Aunt Diane) but was mostly only interested in the snacks.

They created quite an elaborate setting.

The boys soaked up the extra time with their Daddy.

Soccering!  Levi was disappointed that he didn't have his shin guards with him.

Milo couldn't move as fast as Levi but still wanted to be part of the fun.

He did a pretty good job at dribbling.

He motored around without falling.

Levi found batting helmets and was so excited to get to wear one.   He insisted that I wore one, too, even though I was pitching. 

Hey batter, batter...

Swing, batter, batter.

Milo had so much fun.
Levi was enamoured by Josiah. 

We had a whole crew of toddlers and preschoolers and two brand new babies as well.

This is baby AJ.  I included my hand so you get a sense of scale.  he was just over 6# in this picture and less than 2 weeks old.  He was fun to snuggle but I enjoyed the fact that this was my first reunion in 5 years that I wasn't pregnant or nursing.

Grandma and kids on the couch picture.
    The kids have grown so much since this picture- lots more have been added, as well.


'I want to throw the football, too!"

Little Alison.

Leo and Levi share a hug.

water balloon volleyball.

Serious about water balloons.

'While everyone is distracted I'll just do some investigating."

Sleepy boys on the ride back home.

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