Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Family Date Night

Friday night Luke got home early enough that we started our Family date night out at the Farmpark. 

Levi got to take a pony ride.

Milo says, "harumph.  I want to ride the pony!  When will I be 3 years old?"

He was so cute.

Luke got to witness Milo feeding the goats.  He takes it all pretty seriously but then will break out into a huge grin and say something unintelligible to them.

Levi has been partial to the big billy goats but here is feeding the small ones.

nibble nibble.

The lure of the diggers.

On the rockers, Milo made his "heehaw" sound that his Nana taught him.

He doesn't talk but communicates just the same.  "Move me to the next one!"

"Let's take this piggie out for a spin."

"We've got LOTS more of these to ride, Daddy!  Let's move on to the next one."

After the park closed we stopped in to get frozen yogurt.

Milo had his own spoon and dipped into Luke's bowl.  He did not care for how cold the frozen yogurt was.

"Here ya go, big brother!"

Levi in turn gave Milo a bite of his pineapple yogurt.

so tart!!

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