Saturday, August 20, 2011

Getting Ready for the Wedding

Milo fuels up for some ring bearer-ing.

"It's almost show-time.  Let's meditate on the sacred ceremony about to occur.  Or we could just wrestle!!"

I tucked in his shirt approximately 12 billion times that day.

Benji was born to wear a bow tie.

Heading back to the church after taking some pictures at the waterfront.  Note the bride's bare feet.  Her sparkly shoes got a bit pinchy by afternoon.

So happy!  So pretty!

"Is it time to change out of these clothes yet?"

What a sweet pair.

Grandpa, one of the essential pieces of the puzzle.

Enjoying a moment together.  We had spent the morning running around in separate places.  Me on bride duty and Lucas on boy duty.

LOVE them.

We're going on adrenaline here.

The fourth ring bearer.  He was A-DOR-ABLE!!

Grandma is even prettier than the flowers.


What a great trio.  Well, a quartet actually if you count the asian man in profile in the background.

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