Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner

After the wedding rehearsal, we were all treated to a lobster and steak dinner by Ryan's mother.

Levi loved dining on the water.  He really wanted to get on one of those boats.

Our midwestern kids did not know what the lobster crackers were for.  He used them at first to pinch his cheeks together declaring himself a fish.

Cha Cha Cha!

My dashing Dad.

While holding an asparagus spear: "I'm a sojure (soldier) with a spear and I'm going to poke the bad guys!"

My beautiful SIL, Kelly, enjoying literally one second of sitting still.  The rest of the trip she was chasing kids or taking care of wedding realated business.

Here I am rocking the lobster bib.  That dinner was delicious.

Levi was of course fascinated by my lobster.  Milo's expression in the background cracks me up.  "What IS that thing, Mama, and why are you eating it???"

The ceremonial Ham (/Haahm/) was presented to my parents for Lea.

Have a mentioned how wonderful Lea's new mother-in-law is?

The Ham contained many generous gifts- like this Chanel purse.  Several items were passed down to Lea that were in her mother-in-law's Ham.

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