Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hello and welcome to a bit of a milestone.  This is LADickson's 600th post.  I don't have anything all that noteworthy to post on this 600th occasion of me hitting 'Publish Post'- just more of what I've been doing for this past almost 5 years, snapshots into our life.  As you all know, our life right now is under construction.  The following pictures pretty much sum things up.

Levi is a serious hammer-er.  He's not just playing around anymore.  This kiddo actually pounds nails all the way through his board.  It was getting a bit noisy.  We made a special trip to the hardware store to buy ear protection.  As you can see, they are a little big.  His cheeks get pushed together together adorably.

Milo likes wearing a slightly different style.  I had quite the oversight when I bought them both earplugs- I didn't pick any up for me!

working hard. no pants.

Milo worked hard lining up the screwdriver with the head of the screw.

Levi pointing out how he drove it all the way in.  I went to pick up the board last night and it was nailed to the floor in several places.
I wonder what life will be like after 600 more posts?

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