Sunday, June 19, 2011

Visit to Indy

Milo and I left late Thursday evening for a visit with the Johnsons.  I was sure he would fall asleep on the way as it was hours past his bedtime.  Apparently he was having far too much fun to think about sleep.  Finally at 10pm, just minutes before we landed he dozed off.

Friday we just relaxed and the kids played together.  Tricia and I went to get our registration packets for the Ronald McDonald House 5k that we had been planning to run together on Saturday.  Unfortunately, Milo got sick.  He started throwing up at 11pm and it went on all thru the night.  Thankfully on Saturday he was able to keep some liquids down and actually was acting pretty chipper.  I was a zombie from being up all night.  Obviously we weren't able to do the race together.  Next year!

"I've got my sippy cup, all kinds of people to watch, and Mama's undivided attention.  This is great!"

He enjoyed the time with the kids- especially Jake's attention. 

They are getting so big!  Jake just had his 8th birthday and the twins turned 3 last March.

These are a great bunch of kiddos. 

Katie was puzzled at Milo's size.  She told me that she thought I was going to bring a little baby.   Katie's shoe is only a half size larger than Milo's.

fast friends.

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