Sunday, June 05, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

I'm very appreciative of all the love that was showered on me for my birthday.  Thank you to all who sent such lovely cards and gifts and especially to those who called and serenaded me.  I very much enjoyed the singing but it can't quite top the annual event of my mom telling me how very, very happy she was when I arrived.  Wait a second!  I just realized this was the first year she didn't mention the 24 hours of labor preceding such a joyous moment.  I guess it only took 34 years to fade that part of the memory a bit.

It's a 34 year-old with her hands full (in a good way)

They'll be so much bigger in next year's birthday picture.

he fell asleep in the car- how precious is this kid??

One of my presents!  Levi and Luke worked a very long time on this table runner.  I love it!

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