Sunday, June 19, 2011

Levi's Fun Weekend

While Milo and I were out of town, Levi had all kinds of fun.  On Friday, Gran and Grandpa took care of him while Luke was at work.  He got to visit Cabella's, ride on a carousel, feed the fish in their backyard pond, and do crafts.  That evening they all went to see the T-Bones play.

Levi is the very proud new owner of his very own baseball glove.  You should have seen him beam when he showed it to me.  In the car when his Grandpa asked him if he had his glove he said, "Yes, I have my hand in my glove."  It was quite late on the drive home from the game but apparently he managed to stay awake. When his Gran was encouraging Levi to close his eyes.  Levi stated, "Gran, baseball players don't sleep, especially when they have their hand in their glove!"

Serious work continues on the Hemlock house.

The past three weekends my generous in-laws have come over to work for awhile on the house.

Here's Levi working on his special craft.

It was such a neat idea.  They set him up to make a stepping stone for the new house.  He put concrete in a mold then decorated it with colored rocks and items from the Hemlock house like nails and rocks.  It has his name and the imprint of his hand.

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