Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Weekend

Milo and Levi stayed at Gran and Grandpa's for two days while we enjoyed ourselves on a date and worked at the house.  The boys were very glad to see us when we came to pick them up.  We've been enjoying lots of extra hugs from them.
Lynn and Marji got me Cubs tickets for my birthday.  Luke and I had so much fun at the game on Friday night.

Levi loves making brownies at Gran and Grandpa's.

Milo chasing after Alison at church.

Milo chasing after the camera at church.

Levi painted a special gift for me.

Here I am fresh from painting at the house. 

Levi wanted to show me the present right away.  He told me it's a house for a "teeny little bird."

Levi decorating the cake with his Daddy.

Milo helpfully swiffering for Gran.

Alison diving into Chuck's presents.

Celebrating the June birthdays- mine and Chuck's.

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