Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fit to be Tied

Another one of Milo's molars is working its way through.  It has definitely put him on edge.  There were several tantrums this morning and I was glad to load up the boys and get out of the house.  Since the weather was quite beautiful we headed to the 'farm-park'.  I think all the other stay-at-home moms in Johnson County had the same idea.  It was pretty crowded.  Levi requested that our first stop be at the fish pond.  Grandpa's pond seems to have piqued his interest in aquatic life.

Milo seemed glad to see the fish as well.

"Mama, will you unstrap me?  I want to look at the fish like a big boy."

Levi studied the fish and was delighted to see the turtles sunning themselves.

Milo wanted to do what Levi was doing.

Wait a second, is he gnawing on the fence? 

I said, "Milo, no biting the fence.  Yucky.  Icky.  No."  He looked at me like this then opened his mouth and started toward the fence.  I stopped him.  He tried to do it again.  I stopped him again.

Then the lower lip stuck out and began to quiver.  We all know what that means- get your ear plugs ready.

He continued on from here to stretch himself out on the ground and scream.  At this point, I put my camera away mostly because it was crowded and I was the only mother photographing her child's temper tantrum.  Also, it was time to move on to the praire dogs.  Milo calmed down quickly after that.

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Philip said...

I sure am glad to know that I am not the only one that has photographed my child's temper tantrums. I have a few on video I thought I might pull back out when they are new parents. I think it has to do with my passive aggressive side. :-)