Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bass Pro

The Bass Pro Shop has activities for kids throughout the summer months.  Last week, when it was incredibly hot, I took them there for some fun.

Levi making his craft.   Milo really wanted to get his hands on that picture frame.

"pleeeeease, can I do a craft too??  I promise not to try and eat it like I usually do."

He is at the big tank excitedly gesturing at the fish.

Ok, how cute are they??  They both really enjoyed the fish.

Levi is thinner than Milo.  He's lost any last vestiges of toddler chub and keeps getting longer and leaner.

He was thrilled to see a boy-sized camping chair.

Milo trying to exit the tent.  He couldn't quite lift his legs up high enough to clear the zipper door.  His little legs were thrashing around and he managed to power through.

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