Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Girls Weekend in Boston

While Lucas (and Marji and Lynn) were holding down the homefront and taking care of the boys, I flew off with Kelly to Boston.  We had some weather related delays but landed only two hours later than originally planned.  Ryan and Lea picked us up from the airport and we met Mom at the hotel.  Commence Girls Weekend!!

Friday night supper at a Japanese steakhouse.  I had sushi, habachi salmon, and the best fried rice ever.
Saturday we did some bridesmaid dress shopping in the morning along with some run-of-the-mill shopping.  We stopped at an Italian place for lunch and to warm up.  It was pretty chilly.

We're having so much fun!  Go scarves!

Pretty bride-to-be!

I made them look 'touristy' and stop for a picture.
 After some more shopping we went and all got manicures.  It was fun to get pampered.

Lea stole my sunglasses and then rocked the look.
Lea talked about wanting to get her ears re-pierced as the holes had closed up.  Mom expressed a little interest in getting hers done and we all piled on and encouraged her to do it. 
Here are Mom and Lea choosing their studs. This was taken right after they both had to show their ids- you have to be 18 after all!
For quite sometime I'd been wanting to get my nose done and Kelly and Lea totally talked me into taking advantage of the moment.  Girls Weekend!
I wanted to go first.  Here I am looking nervous.

I bet most of you never thought you'd see a picture that looks like this.

Yay!  I really like it.  In person the stud looks smaller than this- in the picture there is some redness that makes it look bigger

Her first earrings.
 On Sunday, Ryan picked us up from the hotel and we attended service at their church.  It was great.  I especially enjoyed the music.
How I loves these girls!!

We had Korean food at lunch.  Delicious.
Thank you, Mom for all the pampering and spoiling and fun.  We had such a good time.  Unfortunately our travels back weren't all that smooth.  Instead of getting home around 10pm I got home at 3:45a.m.  We were glad the flight didn't get cancelled completely though.  I was very excited to see Luke and the boys.

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