Saturday, February 26, 2011

Retreat to Gran and Granpa's

With Amber off on a short trip to do some wedding planning with her sister, momma, and sister in law I was left to fend for myself with the boys.  What's a man to do...retreat to his parents house ofcourse.  So we have been having some fun.  Here's some of what they have been up to today.

As it turned out the sugar cookies were good and Levi had too big of a piece and then wanted some more.

Sometimes a younger sibling will just cramp your style a little.  Amber and I can sympathize with him as we are both oldest of siblings.
Milo has really been into pointing lately.  Amber said he even pulled out the double point the other day using both hands.  Here he seems to point out where to press the toy so it starts again before going back to the task at hand (one of his favorites) rearranging or unloading the shelf contents.

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