Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Blizzard of Oz

Due to a killer headache on Sunday, slick conditions on Monday, and the snowstorm yesterday, I had not been out of the house since Saturday.  As soon as possible I volunteered to go take the first shovelling shift.

Yay, look at how happy I am to be outside.  I'm warm in Luke's coat and gloves.

Ooof, LOTS of snow.  Can I come in again?

We bundled Levi up and let him out for a bit.  The snow was up to his thighs many places. 

Milo really wanted to be out with the big boys.  I propped him up at the door so he could watch.  He pointed and babbled, "dadadadadadadad."

"PLEASE let me go out there, too!"

I shoveled the steps and Luke did the entire driveway- with some 'help' from Levi of course.

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