Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Levi's imagination has been growing by leaps and bounds.  Watching that develop has been my favorite part of this age.  He is always pretending to be some animal (current favorite: kitty cat or alligator) or one of the characters from his favorite tv programs (current favorite: Diego or Boots the Monkey).  He also likes to try different professions and sports on for size (current favorite: firefighter and football player).  Now he has taken to pretending to be a combination of things.  Following are some recent examples: 

"a deer who plays football"
"a doctor for alligators"
"farmer race car driver"
"Boots the Monkey scooter rider"

Levi also likes to assign us all parts to play.  Friday, I was told that I was a spider and that he was a puppy and the puppy was rescuing the spider from a mud slide.  Yesterday he told me that he was 'baby Miles' and that Milo was 'baby Alison'.  Another time he told us that he was a farmer and that Daddy was a cow.  When asked what Mama was he said, "a cow" and when asked what baby was he said, "a little pig."

Levi wearing his safari hat and my boots, shuffling around on all fours.  He said he was a cat.

He told me he wanted to practice his "L"s.  He did a good job!

And here's Milo scarfing down one of his favorites: cornbread!

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