Monday, February 07, 2011

Photo Shoot

We were at Lynn and Marji's getting ready to go to their church when I was overtaken by how cute my boys looked.  I mistakenly thought I'd be able to capture a perfect shot in the few moments I had to dedicate to the endeavor.  Here are the results:

Levi: "I like being in charge of holding Little Brother!  I'm going to move him around instead of looking at the camera and smiling."
Milo: "No, I will not smile."

Levi: "Oh, you said, 'DON'T close your eyes?  I thought you said, 'CLOSE YOUR EYES.'"
Milo: "Yummmmmo, flashlight!"

Levi: "Haha, Mama is funny when she's waving around that flashlight."
Milo: "Give me back the flashlight and I might smile."

Levi:" I want to go look at the fish- SEE YA!"
Milo: "Flashlight????"

Miles: "Yummmmo, Flashlight.  What?  I never PROMISED I would smile if you gave it back, that was your assumption..."
p.s. thanks for the hand-me-downs, Kim.  How I love me a sweater vest.

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Lynn said...

the best part of this shoot is one can discern from the photos that Milo has HAIR!