Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm sorry, but these pictures are going to make you sad.

I was trying to get a cute picture of Milo wearing this 'My Aunt Rocks' t-shirt he just received as a hand-me-down.  I'm sure Milo would want his Aunties 'On-Dee-Uh', 'Keen', 'KiKi', and 'Yaya' to see him in it.  Instead it produced some photos capturing his current sad state of affairs the past two days.  He has a big, mean tooth getting ready to erupt and it's making his little life miserable.  Even with ibuprofen, stickers, and Mama making silly noises, he couldn't manage his typical serious expression much less crack one of his smiles.

1 comment:

On-dee--uh :) said...

aww, Milo. I wish those teeth weren't so mean. You still look adorable in the shirt though! :) Hugs and kisses!