Thursday, February 17, 2011

Going to the 'Lie-berry'

The three of us go out each morning and today's outing was to the library.  The weather this morning is extremely windy but warm.  It was so nice not having to bundle everyone up in multiple layers.

Levi's job is to return the books we checked out from the last visit.  This makes me laugh every time- he is not content to just put the books into the chute.  He likes to reach in as far as he can before he lets go of the book.  He also really likes to peak in and try and catch a glimpse of any librarian working back there.

He's still a little pitiful  This morning he had a low grade fever and was  up once in the night because of teething pain.

Playing with blocks, puzzles, and cars.  Milo is in his signiture position.  He crawls along then kneels like this to play then goes back to crawling. 

Levi was on my lap while I was reading to him.  Milo came over to investigate and to try and gnaw on the books.

I was trying to get Milo to smile at the camera with no success- he just looked at me with the same expression he's wearing in the second picture.  After awhile I said, "Levi, will you make your brother smile?".  All Levi did was turn and say, "HA!!" and I snapped the picture above.

Is there a better way to spend a morning?

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