Friday, March 25, 2011

Flashback Friday- Feerers

Marji, Uncle Warren, Grammie, Uncle Vint, and Aunt Liz sometime in the mid-70s.  Feel free to leave a comment explaining the occasion!


Marji said...

my guess is around mother's day (thus the ''flower vase'') near the first of the Beloit venture. (1970 maybe) note the shoes on Warren and I versus the shoes on Vint and Liz....what's up with it?....any subliminal messages or hidden family preferences that might have hinted at family dynamics??? ;)can one see personality traits from chocies of shoes??? ;)...just kidding (siblings)! :)

Lucas, Amber, Levi, and Milo said...

I was just showing Grammie this picture. She noticed the footwear, too!