Monday, December 19, 2011

Rainy Monday

The boys had a fun weekend. Saturday they were up at Gran and Granpa's with Lucas. I spent the day around home taking care of Christmas details, a few house tasks, and enjoying a little break from kid duty.  I think during the course of the day I was probably asked a dozen questions instead of my usual 200 questions (4 year olds are very curious).  The alone time didn't keep me from distraction, however. I managed to lock myself out of the truck while Lucas was up at his soccer game. My wonderful father-in-law cheerfully drove 45min each way to come to my rescue.

Today both boys are a little under the weather.  It's not enough to slow them down much though.   Thankfully the temperatures have been quite nice so we were able to start our day off at the park. After playing there for just a little bit it started to rain so we headed to the library.

Smiling and sniffling

Digging and Dirtying

Reading and Climbing

Strolling and...OH MY GOODNESS THEY ARE SO CUTE...Smiling

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