Sunday, December 04, 2011

Boys and Boxes

Family, you don't have to buy the kids any toys this Christmas.  They will be more than happy with some boxes.

I came into the playroom to find this little scene.  Levi told me he had made Milo a crib.  It was pretty cute.  What was funny was Milo laying there so still.  He was very tired and just stayed there for the longest time until I put him into his real crib to take a nap.

why did we spend money on a mattress?  Just throw some blankets and pillows in a box.

Levi also put in some items to keep Milo occupied: the lid to the lego box, a toy fork lift, books, and some legos with which to cuddle up.

"Laying in my box, being read to...this is the life!"

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