Friday, December 30, 2011

More Christmas '11- Gran and Grandpa's House

Yay!  More construction equipment.  He's been playing with this all week.

A ride-on excavator!  This has racked up hours of play this week, too. 

The entire time we were opening presents Milo happily walked around with his gyro bowl and snacks.  For those who have not seen one, a gyro bowl is a space age snack holder that cannot be spilled.  Seriously, if the kid holds it upside down, the inner bowl rotates to remain upright.  It cannot be spilled, that is, unless your blonde toddler studies it methodically, then carefully and precisely inserts his finger to jam the rotaters on purpose and turns it upside down, thus spilling his teddy grahams all over the floor.

One of the presents from Gran and Grandpa was a toy air compressor.  It's awesome and came with an impact hammer and paint gun.

He's holding up a walkie-talkie on one ear and a container of bubbles to the other. "ALOO??"

hard at work, just like Daddy!

new jammies!  size 3T, dogs riding in cars. 

new jammies- size 5T- that combine his love of camo and dinosaurs.

They are just so cute when they're asleep!  We hope your holiday was relaxing- ours was!

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grandpa said...

and we thought you were helping clean the kitchen!!! and you were sneeking pics!!! oh, well. why didn't you cover us over with our blankees?