Thursday, December 01, 2011

Feeling Crummy

This little guy's been under the weather.  He came back from our trip to Arkansas with a little cold and it's been getting worse since.  Today I decided to make him an appointment with our doctor.  Unfortunately his doctor and our other-close-second-back-up doctor (Wes, her husband) were both out of the office today.  I made an appointment with one of their associates and then took the boys to the library.  Guess who we saw there: Wes.  He offered to call in a perscription for Milo which was SOOO nice as avoiding the doctor's office is always preferable this time of year.

We usually finish up lunch around 12:30 and the boys amuse themselves in the play room until I lay Milo down for a nap at 1:00.  Today I was finishing up some work in the kitchen before coming up to get Milo.  I guess he just couldn't wait any longer for me.  He arranged himself in this comfortable position and went to sleep.

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