Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Net Catcher

While the baby takes his morning nap, Levi enjoys 'DVD time' (though in reality this is sometimes actually 'Netflix time' but no need to split hairs (and when I say 'split hairs' I don't actually mean...oh nevermind))

Anyway, Monday's 'DVD time' involved an episode of Dora the Explorer. In this one they go on an adventure. Such a surprise! Dora and Boots were assisting a little puppy who was being chased by a dog catcher and his nefarious net.

Since Monday morning's 'DVD time' I have played roughly 2,137 rounds of what Levi has named 'NET CATCHER.' It goes like this:

I play the part of the net catcher and I chase Levi (who is a little puppy) around with a mesh laundry hamper. As you can see, it is quite worn. The thing gets played with as a prop more often than it sees laundry duties.

Once he's caught, the puppy makes sad little whimpers and plots his getaway.

The escape is executed by the puppy and his cohorts!

Sweet freedom! Ruff! Ruff!

And then we repeat.

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