Thursday, December 23, 2010


Since Levi outgrew his first set of tubes, he has been having some ear trouble. There have been infections and the resulting fluid in his ear drums has impacted his hearing. The doctor prescribed him a nasal inhaler to see if that helped. Yesterday, we went for a follow-up visit with Levi's ENT. He still saw quite a bit of fluid in the ear drum and had the audiologist do some hearing tests. As Levi walked into the sound-proof booth, the audiologist said, "Hi there, Levi. How old are you?" He replied, "Fine." She said, "Well, I think he failed the hearing test."

Sometime after the first of the year he'll have another set of tubes inserted as well as having his adnoids removed. It's not a fun thing but I'm glad that there is a solution to his problems. I certainly don't want anything negatively impacting his social interactions, confidence, and love of learning.

Today I took him to get his hair cut. The hairdresser said, "Hello. How are you?" Levi replied, "I'm three."

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