Friday, December 31, 2010

Flashback Friday- Birth Day Assignment

We interupt the Dickson Christmas blog coverage to introduce today's Flashback Friday.

This is a scan of a homework assignment I did for 2nd or 3rd grade.  What makes it remarkable in my mind was how my parents changed it from an interview of them into a research project.  We stopped at ONU's library on the way to church on Wednesday evening and my Dad showed me how to pull and view the microfiche sheets for the newspaper on the day I was born. 

It's a little hard to read.  Here is a partial transcript:

4.  How did you decide on my name? We heard about a baby named Amber and thought it was a pretty name.

6.   Who was president when I was born?  Jimmy Carter

7.  Can you remember any national event that took place on the day I was born?  There was rioting in Chicago in Humbolt (sic) Park.

8.  Can you remember any international event that took place on the day I was born?  Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 25th year as Queen of England.

We got the information about what happened on my birthday from the library but in light of the way the questions are worded, it kind of sounds like I had this conversation with my Dad:

"So, Dad, tell me about the day I was born."

"Ahh, yes.  June 5, 1977.  It was hot.  Your mother labored for hours and there was rioting in Humboldt Park.  I remember it well.  Also, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 25th year of reigning England.  Yes, those are the events that stick out to me when I look back to that day.  Let's see...what else...one more thing: we named you 'Amber'"

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