Friday, December 31, 2010

Misc. Holiday Shots

Levi is pretending the toy bucket is a boat.  Milo is apparently trying to capsize the vessel. Ahoy matey.

 More cousin love.
 Milo just lights up anytime he sees Ruby.  She makes up new little nicknames for him all the time.  "mi-mi-cute-cutey" is a recent one.

 Nana and Papa got him a scooter and aside from bedtime he is never more than a few feet from it.  He is thrilled to be a scooter rider. Levi has not allowed Milo to touch it, however.
 Bedtime snuggles for Nana.
 With all the playing on the scooter, Levi has taken to wearing his helmet most of the time- even for board games.  You can never be too safe.

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