Friday, December 31, 2010

More Holiday Pictures

We spent a couple nights with the rest of the family at a hotel on the plaza.  Milo was not impressed with the pool.  He cuddled up to his Daddy the whole time.

 The four of them, quiet as can be, resting calmly.  This is not typical and lasted all of 4 seconds.

 Papa giving guitar lessons.

 Guitar lessons in your pjs- even better.

 Levi, ready for bed, sitting with Papa looking up video clips of puppies on Youtube.

 Lunch out with Nana and Papa.  He was just playing peek-a-boo with the napkin.

 Nana and Papa brought Levi a really fun game and played it with him several times. 

It was a fun visit.  A few highlights were a special trip for the big kids with Nana and Papa, serving a meal at True Light, and going wedding dress shopping with Lea.  We are so blessed to spend such quality time with our loving familes. 

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