Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Vacation- Wednesday Evening

Wednesday evening was stellar.

Why? Well I have my reasons.

First, I spent the evening with my family- funny, sweet, charming, lovely people.

Secondly, there was great food- corn on the cob, strawberry romaine poppy seed salad, Mom's homemade apple pie, grilled chicken and salmon but most of all there was LOBSTER and BUTTER. YUM. Mom and Dad drove "down to the docks" and bought the lobsters pretty much as they came off the boat.

Thirdly, there was live music. Dad arranged for his guitar teacher to come by and play for us. It was fun. There was also a hymn sing-a-long at the end. I can't figure out if that was more or less cheesy than the Christmas we all had a group mosiac making session. I'm not ashamed.  I loved it.

Lastly, we ate outside in perfect temperature not resembling in the slightest the weather we've had in Kansas for months now. Also, when the kids finished eating they swam in the pool thus leaving the adults in peace to continue wrestling with the lobsters.

prepping the corn
People and their food:

no shellfish for this allergic little sis.

Amber posing with her lobster:

in case you can't tell here I'm arm wresting it.  claw wrestling it?

Levi was THRILLED to learn that tonight's dinner involved using a mallet.  We gave him some of the empty shells and he happily went to town smashing them.

Hugging, happy people.

And we'll finish this post off with an ADORABLE shot of Milo.  I wish you could hear how he says, "goggles"  It's kind of like "dogdals".

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Auntie Aundrea said...

Looks like so much fun! Milo is especially looking so grown up lately! In the previous post where Ruby is hugging Milo, he almost looks like Levi! Of course, Levi is taller and looking even more grown up lately too! I wish I could hear Milo say goggles! I love that he's talking more!