Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vacation- Friday

Well, it's taken me awhile but I'm finally to the end of our vacation photos. Here are a few from the end of our trip.

Milo enjoying s'mores made at the outdoor fireplace by the pool.


Ruby had to miss the Plimoth Plantation trip but of course Nana and Papa brought her back a present.

Oh, how this picture makes me laugh.  It's just utterly typical of this crew.  Ben making a crazy face.  Milo, pantsless.  Levi is in his pjs doing target practice.
So sweet:

Bob and the kiddos:

Ruby is using the camera on our LeapPad Explorer.  She set up a photography studio and had us all pose.

Unfortunately, Uncle Chuck couldn't be with us this trip.

Our boys at the Providence airport.  They look so cute striding along pulling their roller bags.

This made us laugh.  Inexplicably, Levi started to earnestly clean the seats with a wet wipe.  He really put a lot of effort into it. 

Milo joined in, of course.  If only I could get them to clean with such zeal at home.

When we stood up to wait in line for boarding a wrestling match broke out.

Knowing they would be confined to their seats for a long trip, we let them roll around all they wanted.

Goodbye, Providence!

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