Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vacation- Thursday

On Thursday of our vacation we loaded up in three vehicles and drove to Plymouth, MA to visit the Plimoth Plantation. Way back when the Pilgrims arrived the spelling was recorded in several different ways. The town now goes by 'Plymouth' and the plantation chose to differentiate itself from the town and use another historical spelling: 'Plimoth'.

It was a very interesting place. There was a Wampanoag Indian encampment, a Pilgrim village, and a Craft building. Each was staffed with actors who were quite knowlegable.
It turned out to be quite a warm day.  Here are Grandpa and Grandma getting a little time in the shade.

"Can we have one of these cannons, Mama??"

Our group.  Sadly Ruby got sick the night before and had to stay back at Mom and Dad's house with Kelly. 

The boys ate a picnic lunch in the back of the van.

Playing with a Wampanoag toy.

Hanging out in the fort with Papa.

This is the life.

Posing with Grandma.

Thatched roof.

The boys couldn't travel more than 10 feet without picking up rocks or wood chips.

Grandma and Grandpa were driven around in a golf cart and we hitched a ride a couple of times with them.

What can I say- it was hot!

Ye olde Amber
One of the Wamponoag dwellings. 
More pictures from Thursday tomorrow!

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