Sunday, August 05, 2012

Vacation- Monday

On Monday morning we packed up and headed for the beach. The air and water were both warm enough to enjoy in our swimsuits. We supplemented our packed lunches with 'doughboys' (a doughnut like goody) purchased from Iggy's (a beachside restaurant).

The kids were so much fun to watch.  I'm pretty sure Levi did not let go of the big blue shovel all morning and spent most of his time digging. Despite sunscreen he managed to get a sunburn just on the lower part of his back as he was hunched over so much.  Milo spent his time digging with the small construction trucks, eating blueberries,  and being fussed over by Ruby and Lea. 

The crab parts were an exciting find.  Also, note Levi's grasp on the blue shovel.

Mom, Dad, and Lea really organized the week well.  We all took turns with the meal prep and clean-up and everyone had a chore for the day.  The smallest details were considered and it really made for a wonderful and relaxing week.

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