Monday, August 06, 2012

Vacation- Tuesday

Another lovely little idea Lea organized was assigning each adult one morning to get up with the kids. The rest of the time we got to sleep in at least somewhat!  On Tuesday morning we excitedly welcomed Grandma and Grandpa who had arrived late the night before. Then we all went out to the pool.

Milo loved playing by the pool but did not enjoy actually being in the water.  Here he has a death grip on the inflatable tiger and my neck.  He also consistently put his water hat on backwards.

This kid loves a project.  Inflating various pool toys was a highlight for him.

They also loved the hose, of course.

Milo did love the little boat- especially when Daddy would tow them around.

Milo tolerated the baby pool just fine- especially when Ben and Grandpa hung out there with him.
We had a diving board contest.  Lucas placed first in 'Best Canonball' and Ruby definitely won for 'Cutest Jumper Ever.'

(Great) Grandpa!

I really wish we could have rolled the pool up and brought it home in our suitcases. 

(Great) Grandma!

Some of my favorite girls!

You can see Ruby helping Milo.  She is so cute with him.

That afternoon Grandma got her first manicure ever.

Ruby got her hair cut.

So did Auntie Lea and Lucas too.

While we were at the salon, the little boys had rest time.  Levi and Ben rested in the basement and we put Milo down in our bedroom.  When Joel went to get Milo out of bed he found everything in shambles.  Apparently instead of napping he spent over an hour disassembling the room.  He emptied suitcases, found the stash of fruit snacks and ate who knows how many, he even unscrewed the finnial from the bedside lamp and took off the shade.  He wasn't being destructive really but certainly was systematic about the whole thing.  Needless to say he got reprimanded and had to take the rest of his naps on the trip in the crib

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