Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Red and White and Blue

Happy Independence Day! We celebrated at home joined by Joel, Kelly, Ruby, and Ben. First on our agenda was helping the kids decorate their bikes and scooters for the annual neighborhood "Popsicle Parade."  The degree of cuteness going on and the temperature were bothvery, very high.

We finished decorating about half an hour before the parade was to begin so the kids took a lot of practice laps around our cul-de-sac.
They were all pretty excited.

There was a large turn-out for the parade and the kids clearly enjoyed themselves. After they were finished everyone was treated to lemonade and popsicles.

Look how sweaty the boys got!  It was quite a little trek for Milo.

A firetruck complete with a huge ladder and firemen were on hand to talk to the kids.  Look: the wheel is taller than Levi.

Yay for cousins and popsicles!

The kids all got a turn up in the truck. 

After the parade there was some wrestle mania going on with Uncle Joel.

He was dealing with all four of them at once at one point.

The kids also took time to write notes and drawings then stuff them into envelopes and deliver them to our neighbors.  The first stop was to give Happy Birthday cards to the lady across the street who had helped organize the parade.

No 4th of July would be complete without a little time spent reading about sloths.

We had such a fun time.  After grilling out for lunch the kids rested, (a teeny tiny bit), and Joel and Luke took care of a few projects around the house.  I can't wait to share pictures of one of them- let me just say that I now have an 11 foot long table in the dining room.  I'm so excited! 

We couldn't help reminisce about last years Popsicle Parade.  We had just moved into the house days earlier and then took a whirlwind trip to Chicago.  We arrived back home late on the 3rd all camping out in the master bedroom, Milo's crib in the closet.  That morning I dug through boxes to find clothes for the boys and we took cold showers as the hot water did not work yet.  So much has changed in a year!

2010 here (little did we know it would be a full two more years after this before he really talked!) and here

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