Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This morning the boys and I had our first visit to the Ernie Miller Nature Center.  First course of business:  Levi immediately found a stick.

Looking at the pretty birdies.

We had lucky timing, arriving just as they were starting the special bi-weekly story time.  In addition to listening to stories and singing song, they got to meet an owl.

Levi feeling some brotherly love during the story-time.

Milo seemed to misinterpret this, lunged backwards, trying to take Levi down.

"Wake me when the owl comes back out."

They also got to see a tarantula up close. 

It kind of put into perspective the spiders I've seen around here lately.

Let's find the turtles!

"This bridge is nice and all but we are starting to get hungry!  How 'bout some lunch?"

When did his legs get that long?

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Corrine said...

I think it's completely acceptable to not like spiders no matter what the size! Did the boys think they needed a pet tarantula?