Sunday, July 08, 2012

Friday Snaps

On the way home from the grocery on Friday morning, the boys and I stopped off at an estate sale and snagged this much needed shoe shelf for our front closet. They boys were the most adorable picture of teamwork carrying it out to the car together.  It prompted me to pull out my camera so that I could document such a sweet moment. As soon as I went to take the picture they started an angry tug-of-war with the shelf. Oh well.

"I want to carry it by myself!"  "MINE!!"
Later after Daddy got home, they studied under a magnifying glass some spiders they had caught and killed.

I don't really have many other shots from the weekend.  You'll just have to imagine us all red and sweaty.  Ugh.  Kansas in July.  Lovely.


Emma Nicole said...

Hey! You have such great photos on your site... Super cute! Keep up the great work!


Emma Nicole said...
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