Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Party Time

Saturday we celebrated the first birthday of our friend, Chloe. Here she is in all her cutness:

We went to Monkey Bizness (it pains me to type that spelling) for the party.

The kids had a ball.  Levi especially enjoyed this giant inflated slide.

He never stopped going at top speed the entire play time.

Me with Gwen and Claudette.  I very much like these gals.  Also, it appears this is our favorite pose together.  Check out this one from her baby shower (scroll down to the bottom of the post.)

My boys were of course thrilled to also get to play with their buddies- Daniel, Micah, and Daria.

One of their party favors were masks.

Milo especially was in to his.

Bring on the cake!

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