Thursday, November 03, 2011

More from Nana and Papa's Visit

Here are the last of the pictures from Mom and Dad's visit last weekend.  They are out of order for some reason but I'm battling a migraine and just don't have it in me to mess with any formatting issues at the moment!
Taken at brunch out on Sunday after church.  Now this is true love.  Milo's sharing his bacon with Daddy.

On Sunday before Mom and Dad left, the kids tried on their Halloween costumes and Levi got his birthday bike a few days early.  He was sooo excited.
Here's Levi wearing part of Ben's halloween costume.  They are good buddies.

Milo snagged Ruby's slippers and shuffled around in them.

Papa played some music for the kiddos.  Wait, where is Levi?  He was here a second ago...

...oh, there he is (complete with bike helmet)!

Saturday afternoon both Levi and Luke fell asleep.  Levi refused to take off his new sweatshirt, hat, and gloves.

Sunday brunch.  Levi volunteered to spread the butter on Nana's pancakes.

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