Tuesday, November 01, 2011

More from Nana and Papa's visit

After the soccer game on Saturday, Mom and Dad took us out for breakfast.  They gave the kids each a special halloween book and gift.

Ruby read hers right away.

I love this picture.  Milo is trying to wait patiently while Papa gets his coat on so he can be picked up again.

Finally back where he wants to be.

Nana and Papa took the kids to a toy store to pick out a present.

Here we go!

After shopping we hung out at Joel and Kelly's for awhile. 

Here's Levi modeling his new super hero cape (and new skinny jeans and superman shirt: size 5T!)

Milo's present from the toy store was a puppet.  We've named it 'Construction Worker Bill'

He doesn't say much, but I've got to believe that Construction Worker Bill is not really into open mouth kisses from Milo.

Ruby modeling her Tinkerbell outfit and taking a flying leap.

Cuddles for Papa.

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